21st Century Relationship Guide

In his latest book, Des Coroy engages the reader with his conversational style and his ability to simplify the emotional complexity of intimate relationships. By weaving humor throughout the pages of the book, Des adds an encouraging light touch to the serious subject of human intimacy. 21st Century Relationship Guide is truly a book with wisdom on every page.

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Des’s research to discover the root cause of disharmony between people in intimate relationships has inevitably led him to conclude that a fundamental lack of effective communication is the number one problem facing couples within their partnerships.

Taking it further, Des sees poorly developed listening skills as the main reason why individuals continually miscommunicate with each other. He believes that learning to become a good listener is the all-important cornerstone to building a bridge of communication between two individuals within a relationship.

21st Century Relationship Guide additionally covers a lot of ground by teaching couples how to; argue fairly, share power in the relationship, strengthen trust, keep romance alive and redirect the energy of outside attractions to juice up their sex life.

Drawing on the wisdom of the Native Americans, he has reawakened the power of the Talking Stick and presents us with an ancient symbol of speech that has been used for centuries in tribal councils as an effective tool of communication. In those councils, the person that held the Talking Stick, held the power of speech. By adapting the Talking Stick to our present day culture, Des provides us with a technology for listening which will dramatically improve the quality of communications within a relationship.

Des invites you and your partner to fully commit and participate in the steps described within the book for 90 days, and when you do, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of communication within your relationship, which can often lead to a breakthrough in your ability to achieve true fulfillment in your union.


Available in Kindle, Print or Audio Versions

In this Book, Des Reveals:


  • 90 Days to a total communication breakthrough in your relationship
  • What if there were not just one soulmate for us, but several? Introducing “Serial Soulmates”
  • How to fight fair by creating rules of engagement
  • Communication Meltdown? The Talking Stick will assure you that your partner will hear every word you say
  • Relationship Renovation…Stop settling for mediocrity in your marriage. Break-up or break-through!
  • How to allow outside attractions to juice up your sex life
  • Closing Ceremonies…Ending relationships with dignity and protecting your children from the ravages of divorce
  • Resentments are emotional weapons of mass destruction. Defuse those weapons through the art of forgiveness
  • Is staying together for the kids doing more harm than good?
  • The special keys to attracting your life partner


Available in Kindle, Print or Audio Versions

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