A Must Have!

“This is a must have book. We are always in and out of relationships, it’s what life is all about. This book gives tools for both parties to be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Being heard correctly I believe is a major fault in relationships. 21st Century Relationship Guide gives one the chance to be heard and therefore leaves more room for understanding. I will have this book for the rest of my life because every relationship is different. Thank you, Des Coroy”
-Darlene Capalbo

Thank you Des for this wonderful book.

“Really enjoyed reading this all-encompassing relationships guide – it really covered all angles of issues that people go through, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as a couple and as an individual. I appreciate the author’s ability to connect and relate to the reader by discussing his own life struggles and achievement.”

Should Be Part of School Curriculum!

“As far as I’m concerned, this book should be required reading in schools! As we move into the 21st century, it’s time for humans to start developing their emotional intelligence in order to engage in more peaceful and constructive relationships. How many subjects did you study in school that you never use again in your life? In this wise, warm, compassionate and witty book, Des Coroy gives sound, practical advice for how to engage in relationships as a spiritual practice that you will use on a daily basis for the rest of your life! After reading this book I no longer saw myself as a victim of “failed” relationships. Instead, I was able to understand how a lack of communication skills contributed to the “loss” of my relationships. I could see how I never lost anything or anyone–rather I’ve been on a path of learning through relationships that has led me to the point where I am ready to, as Des says, have “higher expectations” of my intimate relationships. Disappointment because of the wrong kind of expectations has been very painful for me over the years. I thought I needed to let go of them completely in order to be faithful to the truth that nothing lasts forever. While this is, of course, still the truth, after reading The 21st Century Relationship Guide I now resolve to set expectations with any future partners to use the methods of communication I learned from this enlightening book. Thank you, Des Coroy, for sharing this essential work with humanity as we move into the 21st Century with the intention to grow spiritually and emotionally to our highest potential.”

This book came to me at the perfect time...

“This book came to me at the perfect time as I am in the middle of a divorce after 18 years of marriage. It helped me to close that door in a healthy way and look at ways I can move forward into another relationship, when i am ready, with better communication skills and without the bad habits!”

Maybe you just want to communicate better, whether it is friends...

“Ok folks I have to tell you that this book is a must read for anyone. Maybe you just want to communicate better, whether it is friends, family, children, boss’s or work relationships it will work for everyone. Todays John Gray (author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus) except Des Coroy actually gives you tools and ways to communicate and get along with people today from all walks of life. There are so many tidbits and nuggets of pure gold here. It is like he is channeling the things women want to hear and be able to get from the men in their life. I suggest you all buy at least the downloadable copy to listen to while driving around. It is absolutely worth the time.”
-Nancy Banks


“I LOVE it ~ It’s simple to follow, hugely insightful and heart-opening.  It’s a guide that I believe ANY couple or single person, who sincerely want or value an intimate relationship, would hugely benefit from.  Even if you think you have a good relationship already, there’s always those weaker areas that can let your relationship down and leave you feeling disappointed.  When you understand what’s missing and then what’s needed to make the relationship strong, you have the potential to have something AMAZING with your partner, and in fact, in all your relationships.
With humility, humour and passion Des Coroy delivers rich, experience based practices to equip you in creating an fertile foundation upon which your relationship can grow and bear the delicious fruits of your Love.
I commend Des and feel grateful to him for writing it.  It’s as if he’s the very voice and messenger for all the things I want in my intimate relationships but struggle to effectively communicate to my ‘special other’ so that we can be on the same page in our understanding, wants and needs from each other, and enjoy our relationship to the maximum.  Thank you Des, because now I can stop ‘trying’ to get the message across, feeling thwarted and frustrated.  I can give your book instead! I also had a profound realization of a destructive habit that I bring to my relationships which I am now able to transform. Thank you Des, the book is wonderful.  It’s on my ‘Top 3 What To Give As A Xmas Present’ this year list because I think it’s THAT valuable and well worth it.”
-Tara Perry

Survival manual from a (love) veteran...

“We have all been there and done that –  1. relationship fails  2. devour twenty self-help books  3. follow new resolutions  4. return to step one. What does this book offer, when we have tested and tried everything (at least we think so) and are still searching?  The good news is that the author himself has gone through where we have all been and more – a number of relationship trials – which is also a bad news…or is it?  If the majority of self-help books are written from the viewpoint of retired couples who somehow managed to get out of the rat race and are busy consulting others based on their active years, this book belongs to the tiny minority – a memoir/survival note scribbled by an active officer who not only shared his findings but also lives on his words. This book isn’t chicken soup for our soul.  It is c-ration for surviving our future.  I was expecting to receive a practical advice – or a trick – on how to make anybody fall for me in 15 minutes, and boy I am so happy that I was wrong.  I was quickly taken to my own self, the dark side of my soul, and was forced to face it in full glory in a boot-camp with instruction manual.  After all, every relationship is actually a reflection of our own soul, and there is no way we can survive the frontline without knowing ourselves first – strength and weakness, preferences and dislikes.

Some authors take joy in simply tossing the readers to the bottomless pit of despair but this is what keeps this book apart from other collection of advices – it offers an incredibly useful communication tool, the talking stick, to mend and strengthen our relationship with anybody we love.  You won’t be left in the field with a void in your heart (after all, truth hurts).  You will also be given a set of survival tools to forge a new path.

It isn’t a long read, but it will take a lot of time to digest what’s in it.  And what makes it “21st Century”?  It does so by addressing our fragmented nature of being, constantly interrupted and divided by multitudes of tasks and obligations and distractions.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain our focus even for a few minutes, and this book beautifully captures this challenge and offers a way to bring us back into integration.

This book isn’t without flaw, but more in the sense of being more human – the author writes everything from his hard-earned experience, and that is what we want from a book, after all.  We want to communicate with a human being, no matter what.  Strangely, I never thought I would be reminded of that basic fact by a…self-help book.”

-Isao Kato

I found this book really fun to read!

review image“I found this book really fun to read!  In a matter as profound and important as relationships are, the author take you in a personal conversation to deep and practical understandings. I recommend this book for personal and couples work, as well as group sessions. thank you!”

Thank you Des for this wonderful book.

“Thank you Des for this wonderful book. You have truly given us a great gift in bringing clarity to the world of relationships. I find this book to be indispensable and learned a great deal and was able to process a lot emotionally. There is some great advice in here. Definitely worth the read!”

What a great way to look at relationships & the lost art ...

“What a great way to look at relationships & the lost art of conversation, most importantly listening. This concept can be used both personally & professionally. This book also makes a great gift.”
-Tracey Franzel

This book is exactly what it says it is. Just brilliant!

“If you want to enrich your current relationship or learn how to attract the right lover and partner for you…buy this book!”

Five Stars

“If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship this is a must Read!!!!”